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Maria Constanza Franco
Maracaibo, Venezuela. Meow


John Mayer, Before performing Edge of Desire, Irvine, CA 2010:

"Look, on the other end of perfectly lonely, there is a perfectly good reason to want somebody back. And if deep inside you want somebody back, like in your heart you want somebody back, but in your brain or your ego worrying about what your friends are gonna say, you say ‘Nah, I can’t do it, can’t do it. They’re right, I’ll just go right back.’

But then you’re still just laying there aren’t you? You’re still just laying there with your phone on your chest. Staring at it, willing for it to go ‘Drrrrr drrrrrr’. That slight connected motion of being wanted. Just a slight stirring like an insect. Sometimes when you press the button to see who it is, it’s who you want to see. Sometimes it’s not who you want to see and your heart breaks a little bit more. But then it’s who you want to see, and they write what you want to read. And it says ‘You up? You awake?’ And this begins the existential crisis, the splitting down the middle of wanting to say ‘Yes, I’m up, come over. Tonight, I don’t have the power to fight you, so just come over and do that thing that you do that I’ll hate tomorrow for having said yes to. But tonight, do it.’ Cause life is just too short to keep playing the game. Cause if you really want somebody, you’ll figure it out later.

I’m telling you, it’s okay. It’s okay to go over and give your heart to someone you already gave your heart to. Because what sucks the most is living in a prison in your own bed, in your own mind, and in your own life. I’m telling you it’s okay until the moment you don’t want to do it anymore. Go get it done, it’s okay. You understand what I’m saying? I promise you I’m not leading you astray. I promise.

Because one day you won’t want to, and that’s how you know when you’re ready to move on, but until that moment… Don’t say a word, just say ‘Come over here. Because words was what got us dead in the first place. So we just won’t use words anymore. Just shut up, just shut up. Just come here, come here. Just don’t say a word. Come with me. Just lead them by the hand. Just don’t say anything, because when you say something is when you hit my trigger, so don’t hit that trigger. You know I love you, you know I hate the English language with you, so let’s do it without the English language. Don’t say a word. I would’ve been much better off in my life if I never said a word, so I’m not gonna say anymore words. I’m just gonna say ‘Don’t say a word’.”


Words can’t express how much I relate to this right now.

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"Te empeñaste en ser la primera y lo fuiste, pero no te diste cuenta de que en el amor quien gana siempre es quien llega último."